Troubled Teen Help

The troubled teen epidemic has many parents, school teachers, and school administrators at their wits end. Many teens of today are blatantly disobedient to anyone with authority, especially their parents. We receive calls on a regular basis from parents that have lost control of their child. It may be hard for some to believe but there are parents that are literally afraid of their children. One parent recently called saying she had to sleep with her bedroom door locked out of fear of her teen. Parents are for the most part without help in their local areas.

The internet has made it easier for people to find help for this catastrophe that is sweeping our great country. The opinions on why the youth of today are acting the ways they are vary greatly. Some believe that it is due to the lack of religion in schools and families. Others feel that the teens are acting out of despair. The list goes on and on. About the only thing that everyone can agree on is that there is definitely a problem. This site will help you to understand what some of the symptoms and problems of the troubled teen are. Our organization is able to direct and help you find a program that will help your child.

Teen Drug Use

The Internet is loaded with various types of placement options for troubled youth. Care should be taken to assure that the site you are visiting really offers what they picture. Many sites advertise and show pictures of Boot Camps and Military Schools when in reality they have a structured boarding school. It seems that if a site is going to depict and include "boot camp" in their domain name they should indeed offer a boot camp. It would appear that many sites are receiving calls from parents seeking a boot camp and switching them to a boarding school type program. We offer boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness type programs, and yes real boot camps and military schools for defiant teens.

Help For Parents

The problems that face parents today are unique from the problems their parents faced. Parents that are now grandparents simply spanked, grounded or made their child do extra chores if their children were disobedient. It is well known today that this type of correction could land a parent in jail. The youth of today realize the power they hold, and have no reservation using it against their parents. The Child Protective Service threat is very real and very effective. There are parents that have been reported for no real reason and have had to pay fines and face restriction from the rest of their family. While we do not have an answer for this problem, many families have found the only way to remove this threat is to place their child outside of the home. For children that think they are being abused, the reality of a boot camp will make them appreciate their home and the so called abuse they feel they have been subjected to.